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Aquatic Paradise opened in July 2007 and meets all the requirements to be a true health complex, covering an area of 12,000 square meters for indoor facilities and 12,000 square meters dedicated to the summer season.

With a capacity of 3000 people, the aqua park features: 6 indoor pools, outdoor pools, a lazy river, indoor and outdoor water slides, saunas, jacuzzi, relaxation grotto, massage rooms, fitness room, covered football field, restaurant, and terraces.

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THE AQUATIC PARADISE is a recreational, leisure and sports center, where every customer can benefit from recreational, recreational, leisure and fun services. The purpose of these Internal Regulations is to ensure the security and safety of the people and belongings, the order and cleanliness.

The internal regulations and the regulations for use are mandatory for all beneficiaries, visitors and employees of the AQUATIC PARADISE Center, in all areas on the property of the company DIP & GIP SRL, including:

- on the access road from the junction with DN 13 national road

-     in the parking lot, outside areas and inside the center


In order to benefit from the facilities of the AQUATIC PARADISE, you, as a beneficiary and visitor, must accept the rules set out in these Regulations.

   If you do not agree with any of the rules please do not enter the premises. By paying the entry fee, you, as a beneficiary (either inside the building or in adjacent areas including the parking lot), agree to these Internal Regulations and the regulations for the use of facilities and you undertake to comply unconditionally with all rules set out below, which you are supposed and presumed to have read carefully, by simply entering the AQUATIC PARADISE. Your consent to receive the access card gives rise to a contract between you and DIP & GIP SRL, under the terms of thses REGULATIONS.

In particular, you, as beneficiary, declare that you understand and accept that the use of the CENTER facilities (swimming pools, slides, trampolines, playgrounds) implyes risks specific to sporting activities, and that you understand and accept that due to this risk inherent to sports, you may be injured within the AQUATIC PARADISE Center. In such cases, you accept that DIP & GIP SRL is liable only for those damages, to your physical integrity, health or life, that have occurred as a direct result of an action or omission of DIP & GIP.

By expressing your consent to these CONDITIONS, you also declare that your health is good or at least appropriate for sports activities, and that you have acknowledged all recommendations and regulations on the use of the center in maximum safety and security with regard to the elimination and avoidance of possible risks. 

Parents and accompanying persons who have children or other persons (mentally disabled persons, etc.) within their care are responsible for the compliance of these regulations by children and persons under their care or supervision.

    Parents and accompanying persons will train and warn about the complex risks and will always accompany and supervise children and the people under their care.

In all areas accessible to vehicles on the DIP & GIP SRL property

  - access ways, parking,

  - It is mandatory to comply with all traffic rules provided in the Traffic Code

It is forbidden:

- to exceed the speed limit indicated on traffic signs

- not to comply with the significance of traffic signs

- to park or stop in any other places than those specially designed for that

- to block access ways

- to throw trash or objects from the car


The use of the parking lot is provided exclusively to the beneficiaries of ALINALEX Hotel and the AQUATIC PARADISE Center.

The opening hours of the AQUATIC PARADISE are publicly displayed in the entrance lobby and on the website. The length of access depends on the fees paid. If the time spent exceeds the time the payment has been made for, then the corresponding additional amount will be paid before leaving the premises. Access to the center is allowed until no later than an hour and a half before the closing time of the day. The closing time is the time when you have to leave the premises of the AQUATIC PARADISE center.

The company management cans at any time limit the use, in whole or in part (e.g. technical defects, cleaning, and technical revision). In such cases, customers will be informed at the entrance, and they will make an informed choice, and they can not request discounts or reimbursments of the entry fee or raise any other material claims while using the services of the center.

Access inside the center requires customers to have bathing suits, slippers, towel and shower gels necessary the shower at the entrance in the center. Customers shall circulate inside the center by observing the access and circulation paths.

For security reasons, areas within the center are partially monitored with surveillance cameras. Video records can only be accessed in case of suspicion by the persons empowered in accordance with the applicable regulations and by the police. They are used for the security and protection of visitors and the center.

 The access of children under 14 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult is forbidden. For all minors (under and over 14), the liability for damages or accidents caused by them as well as for the failure to comply with the regulations is borne by the parents, or, in their absence, the guardian even if the parents or the guardian do not accompany the child.

The staff of the center has the right to request to any beneficiary to present an identification document or other evidence that indicates the age, position (pupil, student, and pensioner) to verify if they fulfill the access conditions. 

Access of people suffering from fainting or epilepsy, as well as people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, contagious diseases, mental illness, and people with open wounds, rashes or diseases that can publicly offend is forbidden!

Access of people who do not know how to swim is forbidden unless they are accompanied by a person who knows how to swim. The accompanying person will closely supervise the person who does not know how to swim! 

Access of people who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicins that affect physical fitness is forbidden!

It is forbidden to leave the premises temporarily, after the cash registers or in areas that are not intended for circulation, except for short-term justified cases authorized by cash register workers (items forgotten in the car, etc.)!

Access with animals of any kind is forbidden.

Access in the center with firearms and any other weapons - any blunt object, paralyzing or neutralizing devices, etc. is forbidden.

Access with chemical and toxic substances - any chemical or toxic substance presenting a risk to the visitors’ health is forbidden.

The beneficiaries will leave luggage / items which don’t have relaxation purposes in their personal changing rooms. Access to relaxation areas beyond the showers is only allowed with hand luggage containing objects intended for use for specific activities within the Center.

   No payment shall be refunded and no vouchers or other access documents which are lost or not used in due time shall be replaced. When ordering a service or product you have to check the data on the relevant tax bill; the change shall be immediately checked at the time of receipt of the bill; subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration.

   You, as a beneficiary, have an obligation to make sure that you meet the conditions for access to the various services of the complex and you know the rules of the Center.

  It is your duty as a beneficiary to get informed about additional charges.

 Every beneficiary must keep the access card, bracelet and the borrowed objects so as to avoid losing them. The access bracelet will be worn throughout the stay, including during baths, and will not be left unattended. Failure to comply with these provisions has as a result, in the event of loss, the payment of their value.

Taxele de pierdere/deteriorare sunt afișate în recepție la casa de intrare.

Loss / damage fees are displayed in the reception at the entrance.

The access fee does not guarantee the availability of a sunbed, which can be occupied within the limit of available seats.

Beneficiaries must behave in such a way that the safety, silence, order and cleanliness of the center are not disturbed.

The equipment and facilities can only be used during their special opening hours. Please comply with the instruction plates of all facilities as well as the requests of the staff. It is also mandatory to comply with the existing special regulations for certain equipment and facilities that are brought to your attention by being displayed in that area or verbally by the staff of the center.

   The Aquatic Paradise warns you that there is an increased risk of slipping throughout the entire premises. Each beneficiary should take into account the increased risk of accidents on the premises due to wet surfaces and certain fixed or mobile obstacles (sunbeds, umbrellas, and other objects of the center or visitors).

For this reason, the beneficiaries will wear anti-slip slippers, paying increased attention while circulating inside and outside the premises. Parents and accompanying people who have other people or children under their care will ensure that those children and people under their care wear the anti-slip slippers. If you, as a visiting customer, do not comply with this rule, you take responsibility for all injuries and damages caused by the non-compliance and exempt DIP & GIP SRL from any liability. 

Changing rooms will usually be used by one person.

Each beneficiary must use the showers before entering the pool area or after the sauna.

It is forbidden to use soap or other body washes or body creams outside shower cabins.

It is forbidden to enter the pool area or slides wearing long hair loose (it is recommended to use a swimming cap or at least to pull the hair in a ponytail).

All children up to 3 years of age will wear special swim diapers in the pool. Children up to 5 years of age will wear swim water wings in swimming pools.

All children up to 14 years of age will be accompanied and supervised at all times by parents or accompanying people.

It is forbidden to block the doors (especially emergency exit doors) or the access ways with sunbeds, bags, towels or other objects.

   On the premises of the AQUATIC PARADISE the clients will behave in a civilized manner, and will keep quiet in the entire bathing and relaxation area, as well as in the saunas and the steam bath.

Each beneficiary is required to behave so that other customers are not disturbed.

Displays of affection must be decent, without disturbing the other people. Intimate interactions are punishable by evacuating the protagonists - without returning the value of entry tickets which have already been paid - and, where appropriate, the competent bodies will be notified.

Excessive alcohol consumption (getting tipsy, drunkenness) is forbidden, the center reserves the right to limit or refuse serving alcohol on a case-by-case basis, depending on circumstances as well as to forbid drunk people to drink alcohol and evacuate them from the center.

Sauna use

   Access to the sauna is at your own risk and is forbidden to people with cardiovascular disease, with febrile states with low or high blood pressure, with severe cardiovascular or bronchopulmonary disease, under the influence of alcoholic beverages, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants , narcotics or tranquilizers etc., as well as pregnant women or menstrual period. Usually, only healthy people can use saunas. If in doubt, ask a doctor to avoid possible complications.

Customers should enter the sauna is only with a towel that is large enough for the whole body (including underfoot) to avoid any kind of bank contamination. Alternatively, two towels, one for the body and one for the legs, can be used.

Prolonged exposure in the sauna can cause nausea, dizziness and fainting. Reasonable use of the sauna is up to 10 minutes.

Children under 14 years of age are forbidden to enter the sauna. The use of the sauna is forbidden to people under the influence of alcohol!

For proper hygiene, the shower is mandatory both before and after using the sauna, and you can enter the sauna only after you got dried.

Slippers and bathrobes will be left out, at the entrance to saunas.

It is forbidden to bring and use your own infusion solutions in saunas! The infusions will only be made by the specialized staff of the center.

After the sauna session, including the required cooling stage, the beneficiaries will cover themselves with a bathrobe or a towel.

After each sauna session, cool yourself at one of the showers in the vicinity of the saunas or at the cold pool or feet pool, if your health condition allows you to do so, to bring the body temperature back to normal and to stimulate blood circulation.

Traditionally, there are special conditions in saunas, such as higher temperatures, diffused light, sauna seats and various heat sources. These require increased attention from beneficiaries.

Do not touch the technical equipment (e.g. lamps, sauna heaters /stoves, safety grilles and thermometers) and do not cover this equipment with objects / towels (fire hazard!).

Slides and playground equipment

   The rules / instructions for using slides are listed on the instruction boards located next to each piece of equipment. Beneficiaries will read and follow these rules and instructions. The purpose of any limitations on use specified on these panels is mainly to ensure the safety of the beneficiaries. In case of inappropriate use, the clients assume the risk of injury.

People who are under the influence of alcohol are forbidden to use the slides and playground equipment.

Minor children must be accompanied, counseled and supervised by parents or adult carers.

People who do not know how to swim are forbidden to use the slides.

It is forbidden to use water slides before getting informed about the depth of water, how to use the slides, the correct position and all the recommendations and rules of use under maximum safety conditions!

People suffering from fainting crises, panic attacks, epilepsy seizures, people with cardiovascular disease, claustrophobe people, people with poor health, or who have spinal cord injuries or other conditions which can constitute an accident risk are forbidden to use the slides.

People who, due to physical or mental disabilities, can only use slides in the presence of an adult accompanying person.

Children under 14 years of age will be permanently supervised by a parent / guardian. (Age prohibition).

Elderly people need to pay more attention to the degree of difficulty before using slides.

It is mandatory to comply with the sliding position on the slide recommended by display materials and regulations for the use of slides!

It is mandatory to observe the colors of the traffic lights, namely:

Green - access to the slide is allowed

Red - access to the slide is prohibited

Access to the slides is done individually: access of two or more people on the slide is strictly forbidden!

It is mandatory to observe the rules / messages transmitted via the amplifier station!

Blunt instruments / hooks / hard objects on the slides are forbidden!

It is mandatory to avoid screams / whistles / yells or loud conversation!

It is mandatory to immediately leave the diving area in the slide pool!

It is mandatory to observe the recommendations and sound signals transmitted / issued by the life guards!

It is mandatory for all beneficiaries, before using any facility of the center, to know and comply with all regulations, recommendations and rules for use in a safe and secure manner; in the case of minor children the parents, accompanying persons or legal guardians bear all the responsability.

People who do not know how to swim or have no special floating equipment are forbidden to use the slides!

People under the age limit recommended on the displayed panels are forbidden to use the slides!

The use of the facilities (slides, trampolines, pools) by beneficiaries who have on them equipment blunt objects, which may pose a risk of injury, is forbidden!

Particular attention must be paid to the following rules:

Climbing the slides will be done with great care, using the railing and taking into account the other customers. It is strictly forbidden to run!

The slides can be used only after the route is cleared, at the green traffic light signal and only after you make sure that someone has not stopped on the slide, leaving enough safety space ahead. It is the responsibility of the visitor to make sure, before going on the slide.

The customers shall observe the displayed safety instructions, the audio messages and the recommendations of the center staff.

Lifeguards will make sure the customers leave the diving area after using the slide. Beneficiaries who do not immediately leave the diving area of the slide are responsible for the accidents caused in such manner.

The center is not responsible for damages to bathing suits caused by the use of slides. 

It is especially forbidden to:

any sliding position other than that prescribed by the instructions

stopping in the slipping area or at the end of the slide

climbing up the slide

Nerespectarea acestor reguli pot provoca ACCIDENTE GRAVE. 

Failure to comply with these rules may cause SERIOUS ACCIDENTS.

Beneficiaries will comply with the age limits for each type of slide. In the slides area, children aged 1-14 years will be accompanied and supervised permanently by a parent / guardian or an adult empowered by the parent or guardian.

And if these rules are violated, access to the center may be prohibited, without refunding the amounts already paid.

Using jump trampolines

People who do not know how to swim are forbidden to use the trampolines!

It is forbidden to use trampolines before getting informed about the depth of water, how to use the trampolines, the correct position and all the recommendations and rules of use under maximum safety conditions!

Children under 14 years of age will be permanently supervised by a parent / guardian!

People suffering from fainting crises, panic attacks, epilepsy seizures, people with mental disabilities, people with cardiovascular disease, people with acrophobia (fear of heights), people with poor health, or who have spinal cord injuries or other conditions which can represent an accident risk are forbidden to use the trampolines.

Elderly people need to pay more attention to the degree of difficulty of the trampolines before using them and to the possible age risks, physical fitness, etc!

It is mandatory to observe the rules / messages transmitted via the amplifier station!

It is forbidden to wear blunt objects, cutters or other objects that can cause injuries!

It is mandatory to immediately leave the diving area in the pool on the routes established by the lifeguard!

It is mandatory to comply with the recommendations and sound signals transmitted / issued by the lifeguards!

Choosing wisely the height of the trampoline - 1.00m / 3.00m / 5.20m!

Getting on the trampoline with great care, holding onto the railing and taking into account the other customers.

It is forbidden to run, play or perform any other activity, on the climbing ramp or trampoline, which can disturb or distract the attention of the people who jump but also which can result in them getting injured!

Before making the jump, the customer will make sure that there is no one in the pool in the diving area!

Group jumps are absolutely forbidden / the activity is carried out strictly individually and in perfect order and quietly! 


screaming, aggressive tone, vociferation.

swearing and indecent language / gestures.

any manifestations of physical violence (including "playing", pushing / bumping into other clients, etc.)

access on slides with any kind of accessory that can bother or hurt the other beneficiaries or hurt yourself.

using T-shirts in swimming pools, on trampolines or slides. Special swim shirts made of neoprene or similar materials or UV protection clothing for children are permitted.

using mobile phones in a way that disturbs others (e.g. speaking loudly or taking pictures of others without their permission).

entering the pool, slides, trampoline or saunas with the mobile phone.

Entering the pool or slides with photo, video cameras or recorder cameras.

professional photography and filming, as well as shooting and filming other people without their consent (if it disturbs or violates their rights).

You are the solely responsible for violating the rights of others in the following cases:

Tearing down flowers

dirting bathing areas and swimming pools (e.g. urinating and other removals in bathing water, rinsing glasses, washing off facial masks, etc.).

Blocking emergency exits with sunbeds or other items.

walking barefoot in front of the wardrobe cabinets.

Entering with street clothes or shoes in the showers as well as the entire relaxation area.

Shaving or dying your hair

performing pedicures or manicures or other cosmetic or body treatments outside the cosmetic or massage room.

bringing in the center food or drinks (especially alcoholic beverages) and objects prohibited by the regulations. It is allowed to bring special objects, food and beverages for children aged up to 3 years.

passing with food or beverages from one area to another one of the center.

eating food or having drinks in the pool or slides or trampoline.

bringing in weapons or tools 

spitting on the floor or in the bathing water.

smoking, including outside (including electronic cigarettes). Except in specially designed places with ashtrays for smokers in the outer areas of the premises.

entering or getting out of the pools thourgh other places than by stairs and entrance. This rule is valid due to the danger of injury when attempting to enter through the edges of pools and their enclosed areas.

leaving towels, bathrobes, t-shirts or other objects on the support bars.

jumping from the edge of the pools or pushing or throwing other people in the water.

performing gymnastics exercises on access stairs or support bars.

Wearing slippers or swimfins in the water.

using inflatable water floats or other toys in the water.

bringing in and using radio, TVs, music or signaling instruments, speakers.

distribution of any advertising material, including in the parking lot.

organizing fundraisers of any kind.


Food and beverages from the restaurant will be consumed exclusively in specially designed restaurant areas, on the terrace, in the outdoor bar areas. Drinks in unbreakable plastic, polycarbonate or cardboard containers can also be consumed in sunbed areas.


All facilities and installations of the AQUATIC PARADISE will be used with care by the beneficiaries.

Every client is responsible for damages caused by his actions or conduct, such as misuse, dirting or damaging the facilities of the center. Each beneficiary is also responsible for any damage that she/he causes to third parties (including injuring other clients).

For damages caused by children, the parents or guardians are liable in accordance with civil law.



DIP & GIP SRL is liable for damages to the health, the bodily integrity or the life of the beneficiaries if they arise as a result of an action or omission of DIP & GIP SRL regarding the use of the products and services. Correspondingly, DIP & GIP SRL is not liable for damages to your health or life as a beneficiary, if these damages are due to you, or if they are caused by YOUR fault, or if they are due to others or are caused by their fault.


You, as a Customer, accept and agree that DIP & GIP SRL is not liable for damages, prejudices or material damage suffered by you in connection with your presence in the center or in connection with the use of facilities and services offered, as follows:


- It is not liable in any way for the theft of your belongings on the premises. Beneficiaries are strongly advised not to bring valuable items. If, however, a customer has valuable items on her/him, she/he is advised to deposit them in the special cabinets for valuable items.

We specify that special cabinets are a facility offered to customers, and this offering does not imply that the Aquatic Paradise is liable for the content stored in them. 

- Nu își asumă niciun fel de răspundere cu privire la supravegherea sau paza bunurilor luate de beneficiari în incintă (inclusiv parcare). Prevederile din acest paragraf se aplică pentru bunurile depozitate atât în dulapul de vestiar, cât și într-un dulap pentru bunuri de valoare. Depunerea sau lăsarea de bani și de bunuri de valoare în dulapul de vestiar sau într-un dulap pentru bunuri de valoare pus la dispoziție de către operator nu implică niciun fel de obligații din partea complexului, cu privire la obiectele depozitate.

- The AQUATIC PARADISE has no obligation to ensure the custody or security of the belongings. Furthermore, it is strictly the responsibility of the user of the center to close the locker and / or the cabinet for valuable items after use, to check if it is properly locked and to carefully keep the key or bracelet.


- It is not liable in any way for the destruction or damage of your belongings within the complex, no matter how they occur: mechanical damage, getting them wet, droping them in the pools, droping them on the floor, etc.


- It is not liable for the vehicles in the parking lot or for the personal belongings left in the vehicles; it has no liability for damage, destruction or theft of vehicles by third parties for vehicles parked in parking spaces. THE TRAFFIC CODE is valid both in the parking lot and all traffic areas of the center.


DIP & GIP SRL is liable for damages, prejudices and material damages that are caused intentionally to you or through gross negligence or which you are caused by failing to fulfill the contractual obligations expressly assumed.


The center assumes no liability for any changes in color, discoloration or damage to bathing suits or jewelery / watches, as these may occur due to the composition of water, sun, etc.


DIP & GIP SRL is not liable for the damages caused to beneficiaries in cases of force majeure, accidents or malfunctions (storm, snow, electric discharge, blackout, etc.).


Customers who find objects on the premises or in the parking lot will hand them over to the reception. All items forgotten after the closing hours are collected and stored as follows:


- Valuable items (including but not limited to: phones, tablets, jewelry, laptops, electronics, amounts of money greater than 100 lei, etc.) shall be stored for the legal term of 10 days; after the expiration of the legal term these goods are handed over to the authorities.

- Low value items will be kept for a period of 2 months after which they will be donated to a non-profit association or institution.

You, as beneficiary, agree to the following:

- You agree with that the Aquatic Paradise has the right to determine what objects are of value or not.

- You agree to donate lost items, as the Aquatic Paradise decides, to a non-profit association or institution. 

Access prohibition

If you fail to comply with the obligations set out in this regulation DIP & GIP SRL has the right to declare the immediate termination of the contract concluded with you - the termination of the contract takes place at the moment when you are verbally informed by the staff of the center that you have the obligation to leave the premises without any further formality.


Verbal aggression of any kind or any other indecent, aggressive or inappropriate manifestations.


Screaming, aggressive tone of voice, high tone of voice, noise

swearing and indecent language / gestures.

Disturbing safety and order

Disturbing in any way other visitors

Damaging, vandalising the goods of the center


If DIP & GIP SRL has declared the termination of the contract and the staff has informed you that you have the obligation to leave the premises, you must immediately hand over the objects belonging to the center (including the access bracelet), pay for the services (if necessary) and immediately leave the center quietly.

If you fail to comply with the provisions of this paragraph, the intervention of competent bodies will be required.


If DIP & GIP SRL has declared the termination of the contract, and the staff informed you that you have the obligation to leave the premises and if you do not pay for your obligations at the exit, DIP & GIP SRL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO PROHIBIT YOUR ACCESS .


Illegal entry on the property or within the complex, not paying the entry fee, or attempts to do so, or useing fraudulent payment services, will result into immediate eviction from the premises, and police will be immediately notified.


Any discrimination based on race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, social category, beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc., or on any other criterion whose purpose or effect is restricting the use or exercise, on an equal basis, of any legal rights is forbidden inside the AQUATIC PARADISE center.


By entering the AQUATIC PARADISE center you explicitly and unequivocally express your consent to the collection and processing of personal data, both by completing forms as well as by using video surveillance systems for the legitimate purposes permitted by law.

The internal regulations and the regulations for the use of swimming pools, slides, trampolines and other facilities of the center are valid for the general use of swimming pools, slides, saunas and other facilities within the center. In the case of special events, exceptional rules may apply, without the need for a special revocation of the Internal Regulations and the use of the AQUATIC PARADISE equipment.

Any person who is part of the staff of the AQUATIC PARADISE center may exercise the rights provided for in this Regulation for any beneficiary. The instructions of the AQUATIC PARADISE center staff must be observed by the beneficiaries.


- The internal regulations and the regulations for the use of the AQUATIC PARADISE equipment are in force as from 1st of January 2017.