Complex Paradisul Acvatic Brasov, piscina brasov, strand


Welcome to
Paradisul Acvatic

Aquatic paradise opened in July 2007 and meets all requirements for a genuine health and leisure centre, as it is spread over a covered area of 12,000 square meters and another 12,000 sqm in open air for the warm season.

With a capacity of 2,000 people, our center has six indoor and two outdoor pools, water slides, saunas, jacuzzi, relaxation grotto, fitness room, covered football field, sand volleyball court, restaurant and terraces.

You may enjoy the sun in lounge chairs arranged around pools for about 1,500 people.

The most advanced

swimming pool water treatment technique

Our center uses the most advanced swimming pool water treatment technique comprising a classical filtering system; water treatment involves using state – of – the -art equipment, provided with microprocessor which is sending the metering pumps the optimal amount of substance to be dispensed.In this way, optimal values are never exceeded, resulting in perfectly clean water.In addition, UV filter technology to maintain water quality in normal parameters is also used.

Featuring a generous parking (approx.600 places), you can leave your car safely while spending time in our center.

From toddlers splashing around in water near the parents, to the elderly who, while moving difficultly, can reach the pool to get the portion of health, everybody is welcome in the world of water


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