Complex Paradisul Acvatic Brasov, piscina Brasov



Water slides, Indoor pool with springboards, Rustic Showers, Volleyball court with sand, Outdoor pools

Water Slides

To avoid any accidents, please follow the rules for using the slides and the correct position to be adopted during the route.


Rustic showers

Shower, as a means of washing and cooling the body, existed since ancient times. Before faucet, automation, pumps and latest technology came into being, people have found the simplest solutions to receive plenty of water.


Sand volleyball field

After a bath in the pool there is a standard field with very fine sand and net waiting for you, where you can play a great volleyball game …and beside this you can have fun with your friends. Do not forget to take the volley ball from the reception (in exchange of a guarantee).


Outdoor pools

During summer, relaxation and fun extend over the 12,000 sqm dedicated to the summer season addressing to all age groups. The swimming pool and the wading pool are heated, the temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees, depending on weather conditions.



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